Article 1 : Effective Classroom-Management & Positive Teaching- EDEC 6099 10/18/2021

As an educator it’s important to have adequate classroom management skills. In order to be successful as a teacher we must take a deeper look into what effective classroom management is. Classroom management deals with behavior of students and how we as teachers handle that behavior. If a teacher constantly stops in the middle of his/her lesson to handle disruptions he/she is losing valuable time, time that could’ve been used to teach or review for a test. When dealing with classroom management and behavior teachers should start off by setting the tone for the school year on the first day, consistently go over with students’ the rules/expectations, and be consistent with giving consequences for bad behavior. Teachers being role models/modeling acceptable behavior and motivating students also plays a part in classroom management. As teachers we must put aside things we are going through once we step in the classroom, if we are having a bad day, we shouldn’t display that to the students because the negative energy could rub off on them. We must show up with a smile on our face ready to teach and get the students excited about the lesson that they are going to be learning about today. Good teaching is when the teacher is always motivating his/her students. Show your students that you care about them, and you want to see them succeed and try their best. Motivate your students to be the best version of themselves and not give up when things get hard. Teachers must build a relationship with their students, and they can easily do this by going the extra mile with helping a student that is having trouble, make learning fun for everyone, and showing genuine interest in each student. A child should come to school and feel that they are in a safe place and can be open with their teacher about the good, bad, and ugly, but for that to happen a relationship needs to be established and that relationship can begin on day one and progress/grow from there. Classroom management is all about encouraging positive behavior in students, but it starts with the teachers.

Reference :

Sieberer-Nagler, K. (2015). Effective Classroom-Management & Positive Teaching. English Language Teaching, 9(1), 163.


Photos, Photos, Photos

I’ve learned that when added photos to your blog it’s important to credit the author. After looking on the site Compfight (creative commons) for pictures I saw a lot of great photos on there that I think would look great on my blog and I learned how to properly credit the author of the pictures.

As an educator, I’ve taken pictures all the time of class projects, bulletin boards, and pictures of my students and me. I look forward to uploading more pictures on my blog to make it aesthetically pleasing to look at! Some pictures I’ll definitely be uploading are a few of the bulletin boards I created throughout the year.

“teacher.001” by Mike Sansone is licensed under CC BY 2.0

What are some must have widgets??

Some ‘must have’ widgets that I will be including in my blog are:

  • Calender
  • Notepad
  • Links

These widgets will help keep the interest of viewers. The calendar widget will help with keeping track of important dates/deadlines. The notepad can be for the blog author to just add inspirational quotes to make their blog more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and links which should be links that take viewers to other sites that have more information on a topic shows clips, etc.

What are some important widgets do you think should go on blogs ??

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Connecting with Others!

I enjoy having the opportunity to connect with other people and getting to know them and hearing their input on certain day to day topics.

As far as connecting with other educators I belive that it gives me the chance to learn a bunch of new things! I can talk to people that have been teachers for years and get tips from them on how to continue to grow as an educator. It’s important to build relationships with other teachers, especially your coworkers. When you are open and connect well with others it allows for a better relationship and everyone can collectively give their feedback or ideas on topics.

By being an educator you have to form a relationship with not only your students, but their parents as well. I do believe that a key trait for an educator is to be outgoing. The teacher should be the one to start up a positive relationship with his/her students and the family. Based on my previous teaching experience, I see how important it is to connect with parents and build relationships with them which in turn helps make the school year better. Also, connecting with your students and being open with them and showing them compassion and that you care will let them see that the classroom is a safe place for them and they will be more inclined to open up and step out of their shell.

I’ve seen first hand kids that come into class and are shy the first few days, but once they see that their teacher is fun and wants the best for them, the students are more opened. It’s nothing better than having students tell you “I love you teacher” and parents letting you know how much of an impact you’ve had on their child.

Connecting with others is key, not only in the education field, but with everyday life.