Connecting with Others!

I enjoy having the opportunity to connect with other people and getting to know them and hearing their input on certain day to day topics.

As far as connecting with other educators I belive that it gives me the chance to learn a bunch of new things! I can talk to people that have been teachers for years and get tips from them on how to continue to grow as an educator. It’s important to build relationships with other teachers, especially your coworkers. When you are open and connect well with others it allows for a better relationship and everyone can collectively give their feedback or ideas on topics.

By being an educator you have to form a relationship with not only your students, but their parents as well. I do believe that a key trait for an educator is to be outgoing. The teacher should be the one to start up a positive relationship with his/her students and the family. Based on my previous teaching experience, I see how important it is to connect with parents and build relationships with them which in turn helps make the school year better. Also, connecting with your students and being open with them and showing them compassion and that you care will let them see that the classroom is a safe place for them and they will be more inclined to open up and step out of their shell.

I’ve seen first hand kids that come into class and are shy the first few days, but once they see that their teacher is fun and wants the best for them, the students are more opened. It’s nothing better than having students tell you “I love you teacher” and parents letting you know how much of an impact you’ve had on their child.

Connecting with others is key, not only in the education field, but with everyday life.

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Posted October 19, 2021 by educator21 in category Teacher Things

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