Article 7: Assessment’s – EDEC 6099

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“Teachers should not be forced to spend the academic year preparing students to fill in bubbles on standardized tests” – President Barack Obama

Assessments are an important tool that can help teachers see their students growth, understand their needs, and plan proper activities to take their development further. It’s important for teachers to give their students proper assessments so they can identify ways to support their learning and development throughout the school year. By giving proper assessments teachers can give feedback to students and their families. Some principles of assessments in ECE are to empower the student, take into account the holistic way in which each student learns (recognize strengths/weaknesses – work on areas that need improvement or extra support), include student’s families, and take into consideration all of the environmental factors of the students life. In ECE, a credit-based approach to assessment is recommended because attention is paid to a students strengths, interests and dispositions. The goal is to use assessments to recognize and build on existing behaviors in a broader and deeper range of contexts which means focusing on students developing knowledge, skills, attitudes and dispositions. It would be beneficial for teachers to make a portfolio for each student because this can be used as an assessment tool. Implementing assessments in ECE can assist with identifying the needs of students and prevent future learning difficulties. It’s important for school districts and teachers to know that standardized tests can not justify the full development or knowledge of a child (or anyone in general) but alternative assessment methods can effectively be used to see the progress a person is making and the skills needed that can be applied in the real world.


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Day 15 : We are Finished !

December 8th, 2022

Wow! such a bittersweet moment, field experience is over :(. Overall I had a great time working with the kiddos and my MT. I learned a lot from my MT and I enjoyed teaching the students. I would have to say out of all my field experience classes this was probably my favorite one so I’m glad I got to work with such a great teacher.

Day 14 : Almost at the finish line

December 1st, 2022

Welp! We are almost at the finish line with my field experience and its such a bittersweet feeling. I taught my 4th lesson today with the kiddos which was Math. I used the schools math curriculum. The math lesson went pretty good for the most part I noticed that most of the students are pretty high functioning in math and the lesson came so easy to them.

Day 12: Lesson 3 (Literacy)

November 17th, 2022

Today I did my 3rd lesson with the students and instead of doing a read aloud I taught them their 95% phonics which went smooth!. I had been teaching the students their 95% phonics for the last few weeks so they can be familiar with me teaching and so I could get familiar with the school’s curriculum. I enjoyed teaching the students their 95% phonics because its something they are familiar with and they know what to expect.

Day 11: Veteran’s Day

November 10th, 2022

Today was a pretty busy day my MT was hosting a Veteran’s day event on 11/11/22, so I helped her with some prep for this event. The entire school had made Veteran’s day project and we used those projects to decorate the back room which is where the Veteran’s day event was going to be held.

Day 10: Normal Day

November 3rd, 2022

Today was a pretty relaxed day. I was able to teach the students their math lesson 7 and their 95% phonics lesson as well. Students did a Thanksgiving read aloud today as well which they seemed to enjoy. I went to gym with the kiddos today and the teacher seemed to have them doing some sort of obstacle course which looked pretty fun.

Day 9- Lesson #2(Science)

October 27th, 2022

Today I did my second lesson with the kiddos! I taught them about our five senses. I started off doing a read aloud with them then did a My 5 Senses chart. Overall, I felt this lesson went really good and the students seemed to enjoy it. Throughout the day I taught students their 95% phonics. Nothing too special happened today.

Day 8 – Spooky Season

October 20th, 2022

Since Halloween is around the corner I was able to do something fun today with the students. I read them a national geographic book about Bats. After I finished with the read aloud it was now time for students to practice their writing skills. Step one was to first draw their bat, I played a YouTube video on the smartboard that showed a step by step drawing of a bat (kid friendly of course!). Once their bat was completed students then had to write about one thing they learned from the reading. This was a great activity to get students to use those thinking skills and make sure they were paying attention during the reading.

Day 7 – Normal Teacher Duties

October 13th, 2022

Today was just a pretty normal day in Field Experience. Today I graded a lot of students homework and classwork, and made copies of assignments to prepare and gather for the next week. In social studies today I taught about good citizenship. I read them a book called The Good Egg and then we completed a worksheet where they had to fill in stars that where pointed to a girl or boy and write one thing in each star that makes them a good citizen in school or at home.

When it was time for students to rotate and the W.I.N class came in I was able to do a ‘ME’ project side by side with the students. This project just entailed students writing or drawing pictures of different things that describe who they are. Once this was completed the rest of the day passed by smoothly. When students returned from recess I read them a Halloween book to calm them down and regroup them before the MT proceeded to teach them 95% phonics for the day.

Day 6- Lesson # 1 (Literacy)

October 6th, 2022

Well today was the day! I did my first official lesson with students where I was observed by my professor and MT. I did a whole group literacy lesson with the students. I started off by reading them a book call Little Tree by Loren Long, which of course is a book that discusses Fall and the season changes as well. I incorporated a lot of turn and talk time with the students so they can answer questions that I asked about the book. I had drawings for each season (Fall, Summer, Winter, Spring) and talked briefly about each season with the students (i.e. What type of clothes you wear, what holidays are celebrated, what does the weather feel like, etc.). Once the read aloud was over it was then time for the mini project. So I did a writing prompt with the students since of course this is something they are familiar with. I had students write about their own little tree and then draw a picture of what it would look like. I put emphasis on proper punctuation, spelling, and spacing. Overall, I was excited to do this project with the students and I think it went great!!

Day 5 – A Normal Day

September 29th, 2022

For the most part today was a pretty normal day in field experience. I did notice however that for the students Math was an exciting part of their day. Students where learning about simple addition and subtraction problems, using number lines, and turn and talks where now incorporated into their daily math learning. As I observed I saw that when students would use their dry erase boards solving different math equations came easy for most of them. The students that were having a bit of trouble I was able to go over and assist them as needed.

Math is something that can be hard for not only children, but adults as well. With that extra assistance we can all be pretty successful with our math skillset.